Trailhike - Richmond Hill

This is an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL hiking group that travels a combination of on/off trail situations all the while maintaining 5+ kms per hour pace.

We tend to have larger turnouts to our events, therefore we do need all hikers to KEEP UP with the pack. Failure to do so causes the HIKING LEADER, SWEEP AND ALL IN ATTENDANCE with undue aggravation. therefore access your abilities accordingly before you join. 

Group Reviews

Great group of determined and supportive hikers, ready to give you a hand when you need it. Hell, most of them won't even laugh if you fall on your butt, at least not to your face. Lots of routes covered in South Ontario besides the overnight trips in North America and beyond.
Very fun loving group with caring leaders and organizers. Great fun to be with. High five to Ian for putting in so much work and time to share hiking trails and places with us.
Truly appreciate all the organizers to organize different types of events in their spare time for us to participate and enjoy. The friendship and the positive energy that I receive from the group is precious. Two thumbs up!

Trail Hike Richmond Hill is a wonderful group. Ian is well organized, puts a lot of work into creating exciting and challenging hikes, and keeps the group focused on its main purpose. All the hike leaders assist in creating excellent hikes, are fun and caring. The group itself is made up of diverse, friendly, supportive and fun people. They are respectful of nature. We are all out for the same reason, a good hike, some fun, and enjoying all that nature has to offer. I have felt a part of this group from day one.
A wonderful group to hike with. I am so thrilled to be a part of this Meetup. Always looking forward to the next hike. The leaders are super great! Thank you

This is one of the best Meetup hiking groups out there. Fellow hikers are almost always friendly, spirited and helpful. What really sets Trail Hike apart from other groups is the hike leaders, especially the main leader Ian, who put real effort into ensuring that their outings are safe and enjoyable. Like many of the others who have commented here, I highly recommend joining Trail Hike
Trail Hike -Richmond hill is an amazing Meetup leading by very responsible, caring inspiring and kind leaders. Anytime I go hiking with this group, I come back with more energy and happier than the day before. Cheers to every one! 

Because of the diversity, both in membership and events, this group offers many opportunities to enjoy, grow and excel in your social and outdoor lifestyle. The selfless contributors inspire; the supporters help you take that first step into a new adventure, improve your hiking finesse and take away the sting of hiking scars; the comics lift your spirits and make you smile in the wake of weakness and negativity; the dancers entertain; free (& excellent) photography; the non-drinker is VIP at the London Pub; and in case you think you're perfect, there are a few who will test your patience, kindness, humility, sanity, etc. so help you realize your imperfections and choose to be better...a truly awesome package!!